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Berzerk Productions Behaviour Policy

Berzerk Productions aim to offer children and young people high quality coaching in a fun, safe and inspiring environment. A space of mutual respect where students are free to explore all aspects of performance and their own imaginations with support from all members of the group.

This behaviour policy for Parents/Carers and Students, has been created to help all pupils to feel calm, confident, and encouraged during their time with us. By completing the enrolment form and joining Berzerk Productions, parents/carers and students are agreeing to adhere to the behaviour policy as set out below.


We teach children from a very young age and understand that each child develops at their own pace. However, we ask that all parents/carers and students support us in the following requests, which help to make our drama sessions a safe & supportive space for all.

  • Follow Berzerk Drama Rules (see below)
  • Adhere to any additional rules set out by coaches in individual settings. Whilst drama class is a space to explore and express feelings and emotions, it is vital that students listen to, and follow, the instructions of all coaches to help keep all students safe whilst in our care.
  • We treat everyone with respect, regardless of age, gender, race, culture, disability, language, religious beliefs and/or sexual identity.
  • We ask that students participate in ‘Check In’ to show unity and support for all members of the group.
  • We ask that pupils try their best during games & activities and that they ask for help where needed.
  • Students will never be forced to do something they are not comfortable with. If students do not feel ready for a particular exercise or game, they can let coaches know, sit and watch for a while, then join in when willing.

Berzerk Drama Rules

At Berzerk there are five ‘Drama Rules’ we ask all students to follow. There are discussed at length at the beginning of every half term and are referred to regularly throughout the term, so all students are aware and reminded of how they are expected to conduct themselves in sessions.

  • Listen – to coaches and each other. If someone is speaking, we show them the respect they deserve by looking, listening and not talking over them.
  • Personal Space – we keep our hands and feet to ourselves. Unless the activity/performance requires physical contact, which will be made clear in the instructions, we respect each other’s personal space.
  • Freeze! - If a coach says ‘Freeze’ at any time, you freeze your body, your face and even the thought in your head.
  • You cannot fail – it is impossible for you to fail or do drama wrong. Only the coaches can fail if they don’t teach you properly.
  • Have fun!

3 Step System

Berzerk Productions have a ‘3 Step System’ regarding disruptive/inappropriate behaviour. If a student’s behaviour is consistent; is making it difficult to provide a calm and safe environment for others; and/or impacts the coaching of other students, the following 3 Step system will be adhered to:

  1. The student will be given a verbal warning and explanation about why their behaviour is unacceptable.
  2. If the behaviour continues, students will be asked to take some time out of the session and have a discussion with a coach, where possible and/or necessary. Parents/carers will be informed at the end of the session and/or via email.
  3. In the unlikely event that the behaviour persists, Berzerk Productions reserve the right to suspend the student from classes on a temporary or permanent basis.

Serious behaviour incidents may fall outside of this procedure and the parent/carer will be informed at the end of the class. Any steps taken, up to and including immediate exclusion, will be communicated within 24 hours. If appropriate, parents may be contacted during the club and asked to collect their child from the session. Behaviour that puts the safety of others at risk will not be tolerated.

Parents/carers are expected to provide information regarding any behavioural traits/additional needs when enrolling their child, or when there is a significant change in behaviour.

Where possible, Berzerk productions will work collaboratively with parents/carers and schools to implement specific behaviour management strategies that may prove useful for an individual. Parents/carers are expected to offer this information and discuss such suggestions with coaches. Progress will be monitored by coaches and feedback on the success of agreed strategies, or lack thereof, provided.

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