Berzerk Productions offer quality Drama & Lamda Coaching for young creative energies from the age of 6 to 18 years. Established in 1994 and based at Amners Farm, Reading in Berkshire we run Drama Workshops and LAMDA courses in numerous local schools as well as independent after-school classes.

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Berzerk Latest News

Welcome back

All the coaches are looking forward to hearing about your creative vibes and adventures through the summer next week. We would also like to welcome Tom & Charlie to the Berzerk Family, some of you will get the chance to meet them through the course of the term.

National Theatre Connections News

We just received this lovely message.
"Thank you for applying for Berzerk productions to take part in National Theatre Connections 2015. We were inundated with applications, and were heavily oversubscribed for this extremely exciting year of Connections.
The good news is that your company has been selected to take part in National Theatre Connections 2015! (Feel free to cheer out loud now...)"

Oliver - Reading Operatic Society

A massive well done to all the children and adults involved in Oliver. Thank you to all those that came along to watch the production too.

Read our review here...

Short Films

Berzerk have provided their "silent short film project" in over 8 schools this year. Potion X, Theseus and the Minotaur, Robin Hood and Jekyll and Hyde. Thanks for those schools that have booked us for the second or third year running!

Summer School!

Everyone who participated in our Summer School this year had an absolutely amazing time. Have a look at this little video...


I think the best way to sum up our private centres performance of the creative riot called "Catharsis" is by a parent message sent to us...

Your passion, energy and enthusiasm for what you do was startlingly evident. As a result, we enjoyed a dazzling show which displayed a very happy and talented bunch of children doing what they love best. (Mrs Cubberley - July 2014)

A sincere thank you to all those that took the time to come and see what the Berzerk children get up to weekly, in learning their craft! On stage and also more importantly back stage at the theatre and the discipline, plus fun it needs. The team behind this have an immense passion for the young people they are coaching and I am grateful for all their hard work and dedication.

Berzerk Term Information

Autumn Term 2014

22nd September - Last day 5th December.

Half Term 27th October.

2015 Term Dates

12th January – 23rd March 2015

20th April – 29th June 2015

21st September – 30th November 2015


CONGRATULATIONS... To all those that took the last set of LAMDA exams, the results are now in. We are extremely proud to say that all 93 students passed with either Merit or Distinction, with one student gaining 96 marks! An amazing set of results. Well done to you all. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get your marks and grades during the holiday break. "The results you achieve will be in direct proportion to the effort you apply.”

Dates for your diary:

8th March 2015 - Mock Exam

15th March 2015 - EXAM

21st June 2015 - Mock Exam

28th June 2015 - EXAM

15th November 2015 - Mock Exam

22nd November 2015 - EXAM

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"What you offer is incredible, unique and accessible for those who have a keen interest in drama but cannot afford some of the huge costs that usually go with it." - Mrs Claridge - July 2014

"Berzerk really stand out from the others by going the extra mile and showing that you are genuinely interested in each individual." - Mrs Taverner - June 2014

"I personally think that what you both do, the dedication that you show and the effort that goes into everything you do is fantastic. I am so pleased that we found you and only wish that it was years earlier!" - Mrs Claridge - July 2014

"I just wanted to let you know how impressed with what I saw yesterday at drama. I cannot believe how much Olivia has come out of her shell since she joined your class." - Mrs White - June 2014

"I think the work you do at Berzerk is fantastic. Thank you." - Mrs Quinton - July 2014

"Thanks for all the work with Aedan for the past two terms, my husband and I are really impressed with the improvement in his speech and articulation." - Mrs Honeysett - July 2014

"My Son won Pre prep speaking competition yesterday and I will give entire credit to his wonderful LAMDA coaches who have helped him a lot in getting confidence to perform effectively in front of vast audience." Mrs Gogia - July 2014

"Our boys love drama and I couldn't imagine them having a better experience anywhere else." - Mr and Mrs Danbury - July 2014

"Bezerk has made a real difference and I am sure will continue to do so." Mrs Ashley - October 2014

"I'm sure that the work he has been doing with Berzerk has encouraged him in other areas of life too and it is great that he has such a creative and safe place to 'find himself'!" Mr and Mrs Danbury - October 2014