Peter Pan - Audition Booking

Peter Pan Audtions!


Following many previous sell out productions we are proud to announce the details of auditions for our next show.

Auditions: Sunday 9th July at – 2.00pm
Recalls: Sunday 16th July at – 11am
Cast meeting: Sunday 16th July at 11.30am – 1.30pm
Performance dates: 11th – 17th December


Audition and Rehearsal location: St Edward’s School

Performance location: Oakwood Centre, Woodley

Age suitability 8+

The audition will be workshop based, where the students will learn a short dance routine, a couple of musical numbers and take part in a drama workshop looking at a selection of scenes from the show.

It is advised that each person attending the audition has read the book or watched the film and is familiar with the characters and story. A perusal script can be sent to you on request.

The successful applicant will be contacted via telephone call the afternoon of the audition.

PLEASE NOTE the below before auditioning! Parents must be shown this commitment part please.
There is a £4 audition fee to be brought on the day.

Berzerk Productions is a training programme and a non returnable show fee of £150.00 will be payable for this project. All cast members under 16 will be licensed for this performance.

The show dates are booked for 11th – 17th December at The Oakwood Centre Woodley. The intensive rehearsals will be Sundays (September - November) 12:45pm – 4:00pm at St Edwards School and Half term week 23rd – 27th October from 10:00am - 3:00pm (Some schools will have different half term dates and you may not be able to audition) All these dates must be attended.

If you have any further questions please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call on 07903 322888

We wish all those auditioning the best of luck and look forward to getting to work on this festive tale.

Scott, Steven and Tom.

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Peter Pan Jr.
Cast List and Descriptions

Peter Pan: The boy who wouldn’t grow up

Tinkerbell: Peter Pan’s Fairy and the narrator of the story

The Fairies:
- Iridessa
- Silvermist
- Rosetta
- Fawn
- Lyria
- Vidia

Wendy: The eldest Darling child and a gifted storyteller

John: the middle Darling child and brother to Wendy and Michael

Michael: the youngest Darling child and baby brother to Wendy and John

Mr Darling: the father of Wendy, Michael and John

Mrs Darling: the mother of Wendy, Michael and John

Nana: the Darlings nursemaid and dog

Captain Hook: a dangerous villain who seeks revenge on Peter Pan for the loss of his hand

Smee: Captain Hook’s first mate and loyal servant

The Pirates:
- Jukes
- Flint
- Cookson
- Murphy
- Noodler
- Skylights
Captain Hook’s gang of Henchman

The Crocodile: A reptile who ate a ticking clock and captain hooks hand.

The Lost Boys: Peter Pan’s gang of orphans
- Cubby
- Skunk
- Hop
- Fox
- Racoon Twins

Chief Tiger Bamboo: Leader of the Indians and father to Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily: Chief Tiger Bamboo’s daughter and princess of the island

The Indians: Native inhabitants of Never Land.
- Brave Pine
- Brave Oak
- Brave Shrub

The Mermaids: Beautiful sea creatures and friends of Peter Pan.
- Aquata
- Andrina
- Arista
- Atina
- Adella
- Allana