Current Projects

We have our upcoming drama event of 'Catharsis' which will take all our Berzerkers onto the stage to perform an evening of Art. July 2014

A Festival of plays performed by our Berzerk Woodley Youth Thetare at the Oakwood Centre Woodley. The tales of Worzell Gummidge, Blood Brothers, and Teechers.

Disneys Pinnochio which was produced and performed at The Oakwood Centre, Woodley in December 2013.

Heritage which was part of the National connection festival performed March 2014

Disney’s Beauty and The Beast was the Christmas show in December 2012 and was produced and performed at The Oakwood Centre, Woodley.

National theatre Connections - Berzerk are proud to have been chosen for the 2013 cycle of plays and have been selected to perform “I’m Spilling My Heart Out Here” by Stacey Gregg.

Too Fast by Douglas Maxwell was performed by the Berzerk Woodley Youth Theatre in July 2012 alongside our Drama Fix of devised and interesting dramatic art.

Berzerk produced “Doors” By Suzan Zeder for part of the Woodley Carnival Programme in June 2012

Berzerk produced many site specific festival theatre pieces in various summer festivals. 2012.

Disney’s Jungle Book performed at Leighton Park Theatre in December 2011 and produced for St Edwards School with over 180 children involved.

Berzerk House of Horrors: providing a spooky alternative to Halloween in 2011 at The Old Coopers Arms in Reading, in association with Jelly Arts.

Disney’s “Aladdin” was produced and performed at The Oakwood in 2011.

“Once Upon A Time” was produced and performed at The Oakwood Centre 2010.

National Theatre Connections programme. This play for young people was worked on in 2010 – Cloud Busting by Malorie Blackman toured to The Oxford Playhouse.

High School Musical is in pre-production, and wowed the Hexagon audience that was a complete sell out. Berzerk are producing and directing Disney's Alice in Wonderland for St Edwards School in March.

Two schools are currently filming their silent movie projects for July 2007 completion! Oh what fun your school is missing out on! With any topic from Greek Myths to Robin Hood all enveloping their work topics email us for school and parents appraisals!

Holybrook School, Emmer Green Primary and others have commissioned Berzerk to produce an Anti-Bullying campaign through the use of movement, masks, spoken word and other visual delights alongside a documentary style film on the school and it\'s work! Another three local schools have also signed up for the social cruelty project for 2006! “You can't say, you can't play!”

Reading free festival - Berzerk have been approached to provide a performance venue like no other! Watch this space for details.

Berzerk will be producing their first professional Children's Theatre Production in late 2007 premiering at 21 South Street, Reading. The production of Worzel Gummidge for ages 4+ written by Claudette Flint and based on the stories of Barbra E Todd. This promises to be a riot of Colour and a Cacophony of laughter and merriment, a true family experience not to be missed! If you have seen a Berzerk Production before you know what to expect. Details nearer the time!

Berzerk were selected to provide a segment for the "Spring Board 2005" The Mayor of Readings celebration of youth art in Reading. We created and worked on a stunning puppet sequence enabling our students to have another aspect of performance art under their belts, in association with "What a Doddle" Puppetiers! And Daft Giraffe! This project can be recreated in a day and shown at any of the festivals or events held throughout the year. An amazing project to have at your event! DVD's available to those more interested so get in touch you hear!

Berzerk have just completed a youth production of "Their Scarves were Red" by Darren Vallier and Rob Sweetman, who came to view the production at The Oakwood. The first time this musical had been put on solely by children left the writers suitably impressed. It's been a while since I have seen a silenced audience leave the theatre full of emotion and tears from a youth production. Reviews have been outstanding for this great little catchy show, for those that wish to break away from the norm!

Berzerk Productions have teamed up with shell connections and the National Theatre.

Berzerk will be producing an exhilarating production over 6 days at 21 South Street Arts Centre, Reading at Christmas 2006. A cacophony of delicious disorder, featuring DJs, VJs, short film, masks, mime, dance and song. More details on extra!

Berzerk Productions will premiere "Blooded" by Isabel Wright with a chance of taking it to the National Theatre in July 2005. When something horribly beautiful is washed up on the beach one day, a fearless gang of girls find themselves torn apart! The hand picked cast from some of Berkshires top young female performing artists have already performed to audiences in Reading. The assessment by Judith Johnson saw the production highly praised. Also a complete DVD including the making of the production, Interviews, photos and other creative extras made during rehearsals was produced by Berzerk!

Twisted Classics - Pinter and Albee's finest. Berzerk Productions have teamed up with a local, and London based team of directors to produce our first mini tour.

Jack and Jill - At the Oakwood Centre, Woodley had a 96% of ticket sales audience. For a pantomime after Christmas, this shows the quality of our productions. Described by local press as a breath of fresh air, imaginative and a truly family event full of innovative ideas and the best quirky characters! Many thanks for the team who helped on this!

Teechers was commissioned by the Woodley carnival committee on June 2004. Directed by the up and coming Bex Pitt and was produced by Berzerk. With another commission for 2005. Keep an eye on Audition/extra page.

The Production of Modern Times " which has been specially written and created by our team at Berzerk Productions for the Youth Theatre market. Tackling difficult issues in a sensitive way. This incorporates the use of Short Film, music and Media visuals to shape an extremely interesting and enjoyable look at various youth related topics. This can be provided for any school, college, youth theatre. Please contact for more information.

Surreal Sketches. Currently working for production. A mix of Characters and situations comic and tragic filmed in a stimulating collection of styles and set to music!

Special SkooL. This is a documentary style film on the use of drugs within the "drop outs" when formal education fails. A fly on the wall look at the work of ADD schools and the effects on the community. Need further funding to complete and soon please!

Where's Wally - Feature Film on the life of Wally Hope who started the Stonehenge free festival movement of 1970's. Writers needed for Collaboration.

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